What Is An Autoresponder?

by Andy Pitt on December 16, 2010

An autoresponder is a program that automatically emails out a preset message in response to a triggering event. A common triggering event is people entering their detail in an Opt in form. It is e-message generated and sent automatically to the person who has requested some information. Autoresponder leads are considered to be the most successful in generating a customer base. It is a piece of software which will automatically answer the email which is sent to it. You can customize it for nearly any event.

It is a web form creation tool that you can use to collect visitors e-mail addresses from your site. It can be pre-loaded with messages to be sent out to those subscribers at pre-determined dates/times. It is a system which allows you to send preloaded email messages to leads. The leads are imported into it and it sends the messages at scheduled times.

An autoresponder is the cheapest way to get your message out to a list of people all at once. They are a great way to give your customers an update of company information or to deliver a download in return for their email subscription. It is piece of software, which is almost always web-based. This means the software resides on a remote server (not on your own PC), and you access it via your web browser. It is one of the most underused tools for online business owners. This is probably due to people not knowing what it is or how to use it to benefit their business.

It is an invaluable tool to any webmaster who wants to make more money online. It allows you to add an opt-in form to your website or blog, so you can capture your visitors’ name and email address. It is one of the most important requirements of an internet business. It is the backbone of your Email marketing campaign, which is another important tool of internet marketing.

An autoresponder is an excellent way to sell to people. Although people have agreed to be contacted by the marketer it is unlikely that they will respond positively to your first sales message. It is the needed to collect their contact information so that you can repeatedly stay in contact. This allows you to increase your sales and customer retention.

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