What Is A Webinar?

by Andy Pitt on November 18, 2010

The contraction of Web and Seminar give us the term Webinar.

A webinar is an online seminar. Unlike a webcast where viewers watch a broadcast over the internet, a webinar is interactive, allowing participants to ask questions of the presenters. As such, the best webinars use the same principles as the best seminars: They are engaging, smooth and appropriately timed. A moderator presents information to an audience, but all the participants “gather” virtually, each at his or her own computer, for an online meeting of sorts. While it doesn’t involve face-to-face contact per se (although some solutions do include video chat capabilities), it can nonetheless be a very valuable way to keep in touch with clients and colleagues without hefty travel costs.

It’s basically a class where the students are all online. It may include conference calling in conjunction with video, PowerPoint presentation, and/or screen sharing demonstrations.
It is ‘live’ in the sense that information is conveyed according to an agenda, with a starting and ending time. It is also a great thing to help connect you with your employees or other businesses.

A Webinar is designed to be interactive between the presenter and audience. The audience can ask questions over the telephone or by typing in a question on the website, like in a chat room.

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