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What Is A Squeeze Page?

by Andy Pitt on December 7, 2010

A squeeze page is a landing page designed specifically for capturing visitors’ email addresses for the purpose of sending them a series of follow-up email marketing messages. If done properly, it can be a powerful marketing tool that will help you build a responsive list of customers quickly and cost-effectively. It is necessary for creating a list. It is a very simple webpage that focuses on trying to capture the users name and email address and sometimes more information depending on your business. It will not try to get you to buy anything on the front end.

Usually, however, a squeeze page is usually a smaller type of landing page, which usually has an opt-in form in sight when the page loads. Since the Internet has become main stream, the opportunities for developing and growing a business – any business – have increased beyond recognition. It is an invaluable resource to have on your website because it allows you capture information from a potential client quickly and efficiently. This is especially good for those clients that are in a hurry and/or impatient.

To maximize subscriptions, you should offer some sort of free give-away to those who sign up.

A squeeze page is a page with just one goal: to convert the visitors you receive from social networking web sites into newsletter subscribers.

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