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What Is A Landing Page?

by Andy Pitt on December 14, 2010

A landing page is a dedicated page that viewers are sent to after clicking on a link, generally from another source like a Pay per Click advertisement. The page focuses on a particular service or product with the intention of persuading the viewer to take some course of action that will end in a sale for your company. It is an active web page where potential customers directly land on when they click your PPC (pay-per-click) ad. High quality landing pages help improving your PPC conversion rate, and hence reducing your overall PPC cost. The home page of a website is not the only landing page; every page in a website has a purpose and is a potential search engine landing page.

It is a key element to a Pay per Click marketing campaign. It is the page that a search engine user lands on when they click through an advertisement. While your home page is the same regardless of how people find it, you can have multiple landing pages crafted for specific purposes or target markets. It is the online marketer’s tool for lead conversion. Simply put, it is designed for one specific purpose … to persuade a website visitor to take immediate action!

A landing page is sometimes referred to as an offer page, sales page, or squeeze page. This can become confusing for people who are new to them. It is usually one page with one definite purpose — to collect the name and email address of the person that landed on it. Typically it is very short and to the point. It is never “finished” and is a constant evolution.

It is an important part of any ecommerce website. By definition, it is a page within your website you will create that provides sales copy and expands upon information provided in a shorter marketing message. This webpage typically displays content that is a relevant extension of the advertisement or link. It is communications, not advertising. They are where you communicate valuable information.

A landing page is not meant to change the opinion of someone from one extreme to another. It is meant to sway someone sitting on the fence to buy your product as well as a place to purchase a product for those who already desire to buy. It is your store front and salesman. If you have a nice store front with no salesman your products won’t sell well.

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