What Is A Forum?

by Andy Pitt on September 16, 2010

A forum is a community that allows you to post a question or comment and read what others have posted. If your site doesn’t get enough traffic, the forum won’t be frequented by many users and they will write very few new messages. It is a key element to operating any web site. In fact, some web sites consist of a forum and nothing else. It is an online meeting place for open discussion of various topics. They are often referred to as a bulletin board or discussion area.
It is an enormous stone ball that can be very difficult to get started but like the stone ball once it gets rolling it really can build up a lot of steam and take off fast! My recommendation is that you start a forum, ask your friends to help populate it with interesting stuff, and you keep working it until it is going good. It is an online meeting place for discussion of topics relevant to web users, and there are a number of reasons why a blogger might seek out a blog forum. Your reasons for seeking community are a helpful guide in determining how to find the best blog forum. It is the best format for this type of discussion.

It is place where you can meet like-minded people and discuss just about whatever you choose. That’s just a fancy name for a chat room you may say, I beg to differ. It is a good place to discuss stuff and make friends. Having a successful forum on your site can help you both in getting traffic as well as in earning good revenue.

It is also commonly referred to as a discussion board. A discussion board is made up of individual messages within a number of threads.
A forum is a meeting place for people with common interests, or a place where people can debate on a given subject. It is an informative session hosted by any group or organization that desires to discuss different ideas or theories on an important topic. It usually consists of a panel of speakers that can include professors, professionals, community leaders, or other individuals knowledgeable about the topic.

It is an excellent communication tool that enables you to share ideas with friends or with the whole world.

It is the best way of bringing people together, people of various backgrounds, nationalities and strengths. A forum is a place for discussion on endless issues. It’s where the members of the site come to interact on a level different from blogging. Oftentimes, forums are like little communities where members basically know one another. It is primarily an exchange site, through messages, as these are available on the Internet or on an internal network as an intranet or extranet. Discussions will take place in the form of “son” of messages, instant publishing or deferred; this publication is often unsustainable because the messages are not deleted.

A forum is defined as an online meeting place where open discussions are on numerous topics are carried out. Such terms as bulletin board, threaded discussions, and discussion areas are also used to a forum. It is simply a category, or container, which will contain one or more topics. Members and visitors can post messages to the individual topics, which you will create after you create the forum.

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