Without telling anyone no one would even know it was there in the first place

by Andy Pitt on November 15, 2013


Some of us think that if we build it they will come, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Building a great website and just putting it on the net is like putting a soda can into space, No one will see it. Without telling anyone no one would even know it was there in the first place.

Some of us also think that they should come in a matter of minutes or hours. All of this is with out putting in any work. When it comes to internet marketing we fall for the get rich quick with no money ads, the drive traffic to your site free ads. when the truth of the matter is there’s no such thing as free traffic.

You either have to spend your time or knowledge for you to gain anything from your endeavor. In order to drive traffic to your site you will have to spend countless hours in front of your computer. You will have to spend more time honing your skill for the so called free advertising and preparing your mindset for success.

You will have to be able to except the fact that it will take some time to build the kind of web traffic needed to make a living with internet marketing. Don’t be disappointed if the first month doesn’t yield more than fifty visitors. I didn’t even get thirty my first month but I kept at it, and that’s what it will take from you.

Now with that said, I know it was a lot but it had to be said. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for the way to drive traffic to your website. Start by setting up an account at a couple of blog sites. Remember I said you will spend countless hours in front of your computer? Here’s how it starts.

Make sure you use a name that is as close to what your site represents as you can. If your site is about repotting flowers you don’t want your blog name to be jerry’s blog. You want something like how to repot your tulips. You don’t want any kind of website traffic you want targeted website traffic.

Now you will need to do keyword searches, if you don’t know what this is you will need to research this term. Try google or youtube there will be plenty of how to videos on the subject. Then write down or save to ms word each keyword or keyword fraise you come a cross. In the next paragraph I explain why.

Next you will need to setup accounts with a few article submission sites. Setup your schedule to look something like this. Monday write two blogs, Tuesday write two blogs, Wednesday write two blogs, Thursday write two blogs, Friday write two blogs. The next week start with your articles Instead of two write three to five keyword rich article per day.

This will take a couple of month or more for you to get the big website traffic but it will help. Don’t give up on your online business before you really give it a chance to blossom, You’re just now planting the seed put water on it ad a little fertilizer and watch it grow. And remember the harder you work the more site traffic you can get.

Joseph Redding I am a stay at home dad, I make my living on the web. I have a site with free information on how to get into Affiliate Marketing at http://www.onlinemarketinginfo.info. I am trying to become a pro article writer.


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