You can think of it in terms of every link pointing from another site to yours is a vote for you

by Andy Pitt on June 18, 2014

by: Stefan Hyross

If you are not already aware of the primary way the major search engines rank a webpage it can be summarized in one term, “Backlinks”. You can think of it in terms of every link pointing from another site to yours is a vote for you and the greater the number of votes you get the greater your site’s ranking will be.

Doesn’t that seem like a snap? Get more backlinks and improve the rankings and traffic. The easy way is to hire a Toronto search engine optimization expert but that may not be within everyone’s means. Now comes the difficult part for many which is how and where to find those links. Lets look at ways you can get huge amounts of backlinks that won’t cost you a penny.

Most people understand that to the major search engines content is king. There are couple of reasons for this. First your site needs subject matter for visitors to view and search engines crawl. And other sites need information for the same purposes. These other sites are who you are going to target. Give them your information for free.

Write an article on a subject that has to do with your website’s theme. Your article needs to be between 500-1000 words in length. Inserting your site’s keywords is great but only if it does not interfere with the flow of your article. In the end what you are trying to do is to put together quality information.

Once you have finished your article you will be giving it away but there is a catch. You will be posting this article to article directories like Article Factory. An article directory has two purposes. They will distribute or allow others to download your article and use it on their own site and they allow you to include a resource box at the base of your article. They display your content on the site but also enable others to post that article on their own sites and more importantly give permission for the content creator to place a link back to their site in a section called the Resource Box.

Within this resource box you are adding a short bio about yourself. That’s nice, but what you are really looking for is to insert a link to your site. Your article is being freely delivered with the stipulation that sites that use your article also have to post your resource box that contains a link back to your site.

Don’t just add your article to one or two directories. The more places you submit your article to the more leverage you will get from it. If you submit your article to just twenty article directories you will have twenty backlinks to your site. This number can be boosted if each directory syndicates your article at least 5 times to 100 links directed to your site. In many niches like real estate this will be a huge step in getting your site to the top of the search engines. A little more effort may be required, however, if you need a more comprehensive real estate search engine optimization strategy.

There are sites that can further increase your article’s publicity by turning it into a podcast. To do this you can either record yourself reading your article or use a site like that can convert the text into speech record your own reading of it but the easiest way is to use a free text to speech service like Odiogo. These nedd your article be posted on a blog like WordPress or This is easy and you can have a blog up and running in a few minutes.

Not only can these steps aid in creating a large amount of backlinks with the least amount of effort but your article will drive targeted traffic to your site and increase your search engine rankings. In a short amount of time you can be at the top of the search engines in your market.

Stefan Hyross is an seo expert and owner of the Toronto search engine optimization firm WebClimb. Feel free to visit the site for more information on how to implement a real estate search engine optimization strategy that suits you.

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