So how do we go about letting people know it’s existence?

by Andy Pitt on June 30, 2014

by: Raye Ng

Having a website or a blog is good provide people know where to look for it. It is really often useless to have a website or blog but no one knows it’s existence. Sad isn’t it?

So how do we go about letting people know it’s existence?


One of the most effective ways is to have a good natural search engine ranking. Do you know that natural search engine is about 250% more effective than Pay Per Click Sponsored Campaign?

Using a Google tracking map, the inverted triangle pattern to the left is an eye-tracking map (covering the first 5-10 natural search engine results), showing where people look and click first when they do a search on Google. Studies have shown that most people actually follow a similar pattern on most of the sites they view. The area in the upper left corner is what gets seen and clicked the most. And how do websites get listed on the upper left triangle area?

Answer: Search Engine Optimization

Okay, you may ask, and how do we achieve search engine optimization?

Please allow me to rename this ebook, The Ultimate Wealth Online Search Engine Optimization Ebook. Sweet.

Okay so much for the free download.

Natural Ultimate Wealth Online search engine optimization in a nutshell (you will learn all these in the ebook, step by step):

1. On page optimization

a) Have a good title (with your keywords included) under ,

b) Use “|” to separate keywords

c) Use only your main keywords

d) Fully utilize your Meta tags

e) Use , and , header tags

f) Bold, Italicize, and underline some keywords (do not overdo else you will considered spamming by some search engines)

g) Include your main keywords at the beginning and end of your webpage

h) Use image tags and include your keywords, plus the word image or graphic etc

2. Off page optimization (most important)

a) You must have links pointing to your website

b) These links must include your main keywords in the “anchor text”

c) It is best to have the same links extract from the top ranking website have their links from

d) Try to get link to different IP addresses

e) Trade links with other people

f) Buy text links (there are recommendations in the ebook)

g) Write articles and submit with your links included ( my recommendations or

Let me add another (my own) Ultimate Wealth Online search engine optimization recommendation, do a Press Release! This one alone can get you indexed in Google for as soon as 24 hours time (disclaimer: this is an estimate, results vary but it is a good gauge).


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