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by Andy Pitt on December 20, 2013

by: John Anthony

There are certain strategies that one ought to follow while taking a website through a rigorous and healthy SEO Campaign. In fact, most of the SEO Services India service providers make use of these strategies only to ensure that the results keep flowing in and that the website ends up getting optimized exactly in the way in which one would expect it to. These strategies followed by SEO Services India providers have yielded a lot of positive result in the past and continue to do so even now with all the websites that get worked upon.

 Good and Keyword Rich Content: This is maybe the most important strategy of all. If your pages contain good, relevant, useful content, search engines will be more likely to rank your page higher for relevant searches. As an added benefit, good content will encourage more sites to link to your pages, thereby further increasing your search engine ranking. It’s also good to update your content regularly. Visitors like fresh content, so they will visit your site more often. More visits lead to more links to your content, which ultimately results in more traffic.

 Get the Right Keywords In: Don’t target a key phrase just because it sounds right to you, or because it gets a lot of searches. Think about what you ultimately want visitors to do on your site, then find out what keywords people search for when they want to achieve those goals. Use tools such as Google Analytics to see which key phrases result in the most goal conversions.

 Make wise usage of the keywords: Once you have a good list of key phrases, deploy them sensibly throughout your site pages. Follow a pattern like getting the title tag in first followed by the first and then the second heading. This is further followed by the link text, the page URL, the image alt text and then finally the bold text. Also make sure your keywords have a reasonable density and prominence.

 Make sure that other websites keep linking to that of yours for further reference: Most search engines rank sites more highly if they’re linked to by other, well-respected sites. The key here is “well-respected”. Just getting linked to from hundreds of reciprocal link pages is not going to do much for your ranking. Some link directories let you submit your site for free, while others require a fee — either one-off, or recurring. While paying for submission can be expensive, it can be worth it, especially if you’re running an online store that has a lot of competitors.

 Structure your site for SEO: Your site structure can play an important part in optimizing your pages. Make sure your pages contain plenty of links to other important pages in your site, and that it’s easy to get to all sections of your site via your homepage or navigation menu. Not only does this make it easier for visitors and search engines to find your content, but it also helps to spread your site’s authority score more evenly throughout your site pages. Sitemaps really help here, as it lists all your site content on one, easy-to-use page great for visitors and search engine spiders alike.
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