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by Andy Pitt on November 19, 2014

by: Kevin Raad

In the mid 1990s, search engines began to list the websites that were first submitted by the webmasters and after that the search engine collected the data running their “spider”. These websites were categorized according to the information that was available on websites. The webmasters realized that these search engines were optimizing the websites so the concept of web search engine optimization was born.

Web search engine optimization is a method to get top ranking in the results pages for website’s most related search terms. Most related terms means the words or phrases that people like to search mostly for finding what content or services are being offered by a website. These are the search terms that are necessary for achieving a high rank. Building a website without using web SEO is just like making an attempt to drive a car having no engine. Website optimization is very essential for drawing traffic to your website. If there is no traffic to your website, it’s just like a vehicle with no motor.

The first step is to choose the most appropriate search terms (known as keywords) for your website. Then, assign one or two of them to each appropriate page within the site. It is recommended to give one keyword per page but it’s not so bad to have two keywords per page. Occasionally, it’s better to divide a large page covering different closely related topics in two or more small pages because search engines targets each of them. However, it is essential to match keywords to pages contents.

Web SEO plays a vital role in promoting the different business prospects because 85% of the traffic is generated through the different search engines. The question arises how you can market your business website through SEO. Nowadays search engines are operated just like phone books that are available on larger scale. By searching from the search engines you will find that many companies are providing the services you require for boosting your business. You will have to make all the efforts to make your sites visible on internet all over the globe. SEO is a technique that is employed to achieve this goal successfully. People are using SEO to increase the traffic towards websites to promote their business and increase the sales. Nowadays people are getting information from the internet about products and where these products can be purchased from. If your website has good ranking and more customers are visiting your website then there is every possibility that these visitors will buy your products thus increasing the sale of your products.

In order to achieve the web optimization requirements, it is necessary to hire a professional (SEO) team capable of promoting your websites. But also if you have the time and willing, you can study and learn all the techniques that are more widely used and you can do your own SEO for your web site and who knows, you can even start offering your seo services to the internet community.

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