Basic Search Engine Techniques

by Andy Pitt on May 16, 2014

by: Julie Jones

There are many techniques that webmasters can implement to create optimum search engine ranking. The following search engine optimization tips should assist webmasters in understanding the basics of creating human friendly web pages which can be easily understood by the most popular search engines.

Basic Search Engine Techniques

1. The title tag is located at the top of your web page within the HTML head tags. You should insert your keywords within the title tag because this will tell the search engine robots what your page is about. Be sure that the title tag contains text which a human can understand. (The title tag is what shows up in the search results) This will attract targeted traffic to your site.

2. Be sure that you also use the keywords from your title tag in the heading of your page. This not only helps the readers know that they have reached the proper page. It also shows the robots that there is a relationship between the title of your page and the heading. Your keywords should also be inserted several times throughout your page body as well as in the subheadings.

3. Use a different title tag on each page of your website. By using the same title tag on each page the search engines might determine that all of your pages are the same. If this happens they may not index them. If you use the headline of your page as the title tag it will help the search engines know what your page is about.

4. Avoid “spamming” meaningless keywords into your headline tag. Many webmasters do this trying to draw the attention of the search engines.

5. Search engines like to index human friendly pages which contain search relevant content. Doorway pages are designed for robots. You should not use doorway pages in your site.

6. The more keywords that you link to a specific page the better. This is true especially if your site contains many pages. Use the same keywords as anchor text to link to your home page from the other pages on your site.

7. By inserting the title tag within the HTML of your text link you can add weight to the link as well as the page where the link resides.

8. Only link your site to other search engine friendly sites which contain content similar to your own.

9. You can assist search engines that index images in locating your pages, by describing your images using the alt tag. This also helps readers who use text only web browsers.

10. You should submit your site to the search engines only once. If your site has a good human friendly link trail there will be no need to submit each page individually. Simply submit the main index page and your entire site should get indexed.

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