What Would You Do with More Time?

by Andy Pitt on July 18, 2011

If you speak to most people about their daily schedules, the one thing you will commonly hear is that they hardly have enough time in the day to get all the important things done, which means that they have no time left over in the day to do the things they would really love to do. The fact is that most of us are in this situation. Our lives become so hectic that we ultimately find ourselves living like machines, where the only thing that counts is getting through the day, and then to face the next day with the same intentions. As this happens, all of our dreams just seem to vaporize into thin air, because somehow, there is just not enough time. But let me ask you this: What would you do with more time? Imagine if a 24-hour day miraculously has thirty hours, which means that you now have six extra hours in a day; what would you do with more time?

Would you actually take those extra steps in living your dreams? This is a serious question, because when we really think about things like this, we soon begin to realize that the reason why we feel that there is no time in the day isn’t necessarily because our lives are that busy, but rather, because we become too tired to think, as we would prefer to just sit down and watch TV in the evenings so that we can free our minds from all that had happened during that day. In fact, even if we did have a thirty hour day, we would most likely still land up doing the same routine, because in the end, it is not so much that there wasn’t enough time in the day, but rather, because there is not enough enthusiasm inside us. In essence, we would rather live like machines, even though we know it makes us unhappy, than actually utilize that extra time to do the things we truly love to do.

Watching TV is so much easier, because you simply have to pick up the remote control, flip through a few channels until you find one that stimulates your brain sufficiently, and that’s it. If you think about how many hours are wasted just sitting in front of the TV, you will soon begin to realize just how much extra time you could have had if he utilized it correctly. If you have a dream that truly makes you excited every time you think about it, should that not be entertainment enough? Do not get me wrong, watching TV can actually be great therapy, but it should not take over all the free time a person has, as most of that time could be put to use in much more fulfilling ventures, like living your dreams, or at least working towards your dreams. So, the next time you sit down, instead of switching on the TV, rather take some time to really ponder on this question; what would you do with more time?

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