Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

by Andy Pitt on April 28, 2011

Many people do not truly understand the power of positive thinking. Instead, they simply hear about it, attempt to try it out, and as soon as something goes wrong, their “positive thinking” gets thrown out the window. If you ask them why they do this, the common answer is that it is easy to think positively when everything around you seems to be going wrong.

What people do not realize however is that the reason why everything seems to be going wrong around them is because they were not really thinking positively, but instead, were attempting to do so without really forgetting about all the negative thoughts and feelings that are still within them. In essence, what you have here is a clear example of the law of attraction. If you are not sure what the law of attraction is about, its basic concept is that thoughts become things. In other words, no matter what you think about and focus on, those things in the end will become a reality. The law of attraction does not discriminate between good thoughts or bad thoughts, and that is where the power of positive thinking becomes crucial.

You see, the only way that you can truly think positively is by changing your whole mindset, not only by thinking positively, but focusing every ounce of you energy, both mentally and emotionally, on those positive thoughts. This is the only way you can truly keep anything negative out of your life. Yes, it is true that things can go wrong in your life, but if you truly think positively and feel that way constantly, you will see those negative things as an advantage and not a disadvantage. This is where the true power of positive thinking lies.

Because you are able to think positively, you are able to turn any type of situation to your advantage, simply because you are not letting anything negative affect you negatively. So when you understand exactly how the law of attraction works, you will soon realize that people who consistently worry about something that is currently happening or that is about to happen, will ultimately find that either scenario will become a reality, even if they were trying to think positively.

It is also understandable that when you first approach the idea of positive thinking, it is not something that just happens overnight. The only way that you can truly change your mindset is by understanding yourself, and the only way that you can do so is by looking at yourself from an objective perspective. In other words, you have to train yourself to not let emotion get in the way when it comes to making decisions or dealing with situations that are very challenging. Once you are able to do this, you will find that it becomes very easy to focus every bit of your energy on the power of positive thinking.

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