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Have You Secured Your Financial Future?

by Andy Pitt on June 22, 2011

As technology progresses, it becomes easier for us to spend our money on all sorts of things. A few decades ago, we only had to worry about TV and radio ads, as well as a few magazines, to promote all sorts of gadgets, clothes, foods, services, and anything else that makes our lives convenient, or at least gives us some form of entertainment. So, imagine how things must be with everyone having the ability to connect to the Internet! Don’t forget to add all the bills that you have to pay at the end of every month, home loans, and every other necessity that is needed in order for you and your family to survive. The question is, have you secured your financial future?

This is something to seriously think about, because many of us are in a situation where we spend more than we earn, and let’s face it, life isn’t getting any cheaper. In fact, before most of us know it, we are stuck in a cycle where we are working just to survive, and even this is not enough, so we find ourselves having to pay more than what we previously started with. Many banks and other types of creditors make a living out of this, and they must be doing very well!

While some believe that there is nothing wrong with the idea of living day by day, the truth is that this way of thinking will leave you in a very difficult situation as the years go by. So once again, have you secured your financial future? What happens when you get to a stage in your life where you cannot work anymore? What happens when your kids are old enough to go to college or university, or when/if you decide you would like to finally start your own business? Every one of these scenarios would require that you have the finances to do so. You could continue taking loans, but this will do nothing more than put you on the back foot, because sooner or later you will be in a situation where you cannot take loans anymore.

Living day by day might seem like a great “you only live once” approach, until you realize that it is not so much the approach that is wrong, but rather the way you tackle that approach. By living day by day, your life will gradually become difficult and tiresome, and will continue on this route until the day you finally leave this world. So yes, you only live once, and with that one chance you had, you made your life extremely difficult to live in. The better approach would be to have a bigger plan in motion. In other words, you only live once, and therefore you are going to make sure that you do things properly, and because everything in this life costs money, you should always find a way to live life to the fullest while at the same time securing your financial future, and as a bonus, you get to leave this life in style!

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