Do you Normally Give up when the going gets Tough?

by Andy Pitt on December 1, 2011

Following our dreams is not an easy task; if it were, everyone would be astronauts, judges and best selling authors. When we are young, the world is our oyster and anything is possible. Children are taught that they can be anything and everything, but as we grow we start making allowances for the tasks that are too difficult, and for the hopes that were too impossible to carry with us on our journey through life. Believing that you can do anything, be anything, becomes too difficult and so we make excuses for why we couldn’t do the things we set out to do. When asked “do you normally give up when the going gets tough?”, our immediate answer eventually turns from an emphatic “no” to a reluctant “yes”.


Conquering your Dreams

The allowances that finally lead us to giving up on our dreams are too small to notice at first; we convince ourselves that we will get them “someday” without noticing that we are suddenly on a different path, without realizing that the challenges we were too scared to face were actually enemies to be conquered on our journey to victory. Each time we faced a challenge that was too hard to meet head-on, we simply told ourselves that we needed “more time”; that we would face them when we were stronger, richer or wiser. These virtues are not simply handed to us, however, as they are the rewards of battles fought for our dreams; they are the spoils of victory and without a battle, there can be no victor.


You are worth all you Desire

When you ask yourself , “do you normally give up when the going gets tough?”, and answer yes, you are telling yourself that your dreams are not worth the determination and strength it takes to obtain them. When fighting for your dreams, you will meet defeat and victory more than once, but it is persistence that will lead you to the spoils of your own personal battle. Without defending your dreams, you are raising your white flag before you even have the chance to prove that you are worthy of what you really want; and you are always worthy.


So do you normally give up when the going gets tough? Do you believe that your dreams will simply be handed to you one day when you suddenly wake up to find that you are, indeed, wiser, richer and stronger? Your dreams are your castle and you are its only defense; fight for it or you might just end up sleeping in the barn.

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