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Challenge: Eat Only Healthy, Low Fat Snacks for A few Weeks

by Andy Pitt on January 7, 2015

One of the main contributors to obesity and the plethora of health issues that often accompanying it is the intake of unhealthy snacks. One of the great things that any individual can do to enhance their health, help lose weight, and help them to feel much better over all is to give up junk food in favor of low fat snacks.

Fat is high in calories, so any food that consists of much fat will also be greater in calories. It can also add to a number of health issues such as heart disease. And, certainly, there is the a lot more easily identifiable side effect of eating fatty foods, which is often becoming overweight.

But even for individuals who are not overweight, low fat snacks are a fantastic heart healthy option to some of the convenient, and frequently delicious sweets and fatty foods that so many people reach to out of habit. Low fat snacks can assist you to adjust your entire eating habits to those more beneficial to a healthy lifestyle.

The number one issue with snacks is that people will almost always pick what is a) handy, and b) tastes good to them. Regrettably, in our world, the foods that are generally in most plentiful supply and can be bought anywhere are things like chips, cookies, soda, fast food – all foods that detract from the individual’s health. And, sadly, all foods that are easy to build a taste and desire for.

There is one easy challenge that can help snackers get over the habit of eating what seems to be the most delicious and most convenient. The challenge is to merely change your snacks for three weeks. Don’t worry about meals, but concentrate on transforming your concept of snacking.

For three weeks, select only healthy, low fat snacks between meals. Every snack should consist of either a fruit or vegetable. You can have one or two snacks per day. Other than that, don’t eat anything at all apart from your normal meals. This will train you not to feel like you need to eat at regular intervals throughout the day.

How do you choose low fat snacks? These can in fact be very simple to prepare, and even more handy than a lot of unhealthy snacks. The number one simplest, most convenient and healthiest snack you can pick is a fruit or vegetable.

Most fruit calls for no preparation at all. Just pick up a (washed) apple, pear, peach or bunch of grapes and you have yourself an incredibly healthy snack. Vegetables may involve a little chopping or peeling, but even they only take a minute or two to put together. Less time than it takes to toast a pop tart.

You may also choose to add something to your fruit or vegetable. A small slice of low-fat cheese with your apple or a teaspoon of peanut butter spread on your celery. A slice of whole grain bread with a teaspoon of peanut butter, topped with a sliced banana. A dip for vegetables made from low-fat greek yogurt blended with some garlic powder, salt and pepper. There are lots of healthy extras that can liven up the produce.

One alternative to fresh produce is dried fruit. Pick prunes, apricots, cherries, apples: whichever dried fruit you like best. Ensure to look at labels, though. Some dried fruits have lots of added sugar and sometimes even oil added to make them look or taste better. Try to locate 100% dried fruit whenever possible.

Of course there are a variety of well prepared low-fat snacks, such as the 100 calorie snack packs. These provide you a thoroughly portioned treat, but are packed with all kinds of ingredients that are just really not that beneficial for you. That’s why, for this challenge, you need to choose whole foods for your snacks.

Another purpose to stay away from processed, packaged snacks is that part of the challenge is for you to understand that you in fact can eat whole food snacks without putting too much effort in it. It is good for your heart, your weight, your complexion and a many many other things.

The idea regarding the low-fat snack challenge is that, even if you are not a lover of fruits and vegetables, if you can just push yourself to eat them for the three weeks, you will most likely begin to get over your aversion to them and will hopefully build a taste for them. The reason for the three week time frame is that 21 days is usually what is necessary to create a new habit.

By eating only healthy, low-fat snacks for a few weeks, you can start yourself on the route to building healthier eating habits. You may not come away with a profound love of all fruits and vegetables, but you are certain to have found (possibly to your surprise) that there are a few that you truly like. Make them a part of your life and boost your health long term.

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